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Every year, many foreign students come to study at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at Hasselt University. Some come for just a semester or a year, others for a particular Master's degree. All of them enjoy a lively and enriching experience in a small city in Flanders.

Here you'll find testimonials with former students, as well as the main information about studying at our university, in parallel with a host of links and pointers to make it easier for you to find information and get settled in.

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Study and training at fac ARK

There are different ways to study or train yourself at our faculty.

Exchange students

Architecture and interior architecture students can study at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts for one or two semesters.

This is possible during the third year of the Bachelor's degree and/or during the first year of the Master's degree (fourth year of studies).

International Master

During one year, you can follow an international master's program in (interior) architecture with the focus on adaptive reuse.

The program is ideally positioned in a region full of historical sites with various identities.

Building Beyond Borders

The Building Beyond Borders postgraduate certificate is a bi-annual learn-and-act program for graduates and professionals who want to become a change-maker in the built environment.

The program includes a series of theoretical sessions, lectures, workshops, hands-on experiments and design explorations.

ArcK: research in architecture and interior architecture

ArcK is the research group of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts that focuses on research in architecture and interior architecture. We conduct fundamental and applied research on the built environment. We welcome interns in this research group.

MAD: research in the arts

MAD-research is structured and driven by four research domains that develop their operation in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of UHasselt and PXL-MAD School of Arts


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Tomás Posso Cueva

Six months exchange student

New places, new cultures.

Since I arrived, I have been fascinated by how easy it is to travel and see new places from Hasselt. With the university we visit several places like Antwerp, Charleroi and Brussels. Besides these places I have already visited other cities like Amsterdam, Aachen and Bruges and they are only a couple of hours away by train. I have always loved getting to know different places as each city is a representation of the culture of its civilization. I love meeting people from different parts of the world and learning about their traditions, stories and habits. This way I can grow, not only as a professional but also as a person.
07 Eren Burak Kuru

Eren Burak Kuru

International master's student


Since I moved here; city itself, the locals, professors and of course my classmates have created such an atmosphere that I feel so safe in every aspect. Wherever the place is, I can stroll around comfortably.

Whoever I need their help, people are so kind and friendly. Whichever subject I'd like to ask and/or discuss; professors are present and passionate to talk. And last but not the least; whatever time it is, I can always find a friend to spend time together!

08 Valeriia Rumiantceva

Valeriia Rumiantceva

One year exchange student


For me the most important emotion out of all is appreciation. The environment here is very different from everything that I’m used to, but I am really grateful for everything I get to experience here, starting from the very welcoming people and town to the ability to travel and participate in the academic life of the faculty.

09 Thomas De La Hougue

Thomas De la Hougue

One year exchange student


Hasselt is a town where you feel good, where you come across discovery around every corner. This town on a human scale is very pleasant. The university is always a very interesting place to
exchange ideas and meet friends.

10 Zofia Tejchman

Zofia Tejchman

One year exchange student


I believe the most important feeling for me during this experience is eagerness to get to know new places and people. It's a great opportunity to grow in every possible way. As well as socially but also academically. Just learning that every person can have a completely different view of life.

11 Melaine Veillet

Melaine Veillet

One year exchange student


It's the feeling I feel every day when I ride my bike to university. It's also the feeling that I've had of meeting other international Erasmus and Belgian students. Hasselt is a really pretty little town where life is peaceful.

I can only recommend this destination, where the welcome, unlike the climate, is very warm!

12 Giulio Marsano

Giulio Marsano

Six months exchange student


That’s the feeling I was experiencing every day while coming back from university on my bike, next to the steam. Since the first day I realised that six months would have been slow when things would have been difficult, and at the same will be extremely fast when things would have been be nice. That peace, that silence, was creating in me the idea of wanting to go home, and at the same time of not wanting to, in order to don’t leave the people I met.

The city itself is small and there is almost nothing to do; maybe this is the reason for which people become more important than usual. Probably in the end I would not recommend the destination, but just the experience.

Our campus

On the map below, find out where you can study Architecture and Interior Architecture. The main campus is in Diepenbeek, 4km from the city of Hasselt. Connections by bus or bicycle are very easy and well served.

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