MiniSymposium Lightsheet Microscopy

In the framework of the Advanced Light Microscopy course, the Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre is hosting a MiniSymposium on Lightsheet Microscopy. Lightsheet microscopy is capable of fast tomographic imaging of living model organisms or organoids, but can also image larger cleared samples in toto with sub-cellular sharpness! Join us to learn more about the lightsheet microscopy method and its role in biological and biomedical research!

Image kindly provided by prof. Eve Seuntjens

Octopus Eve Octopus Eve

Practical information

Date: Thursday May 23, 2024 at 5:30PM.

Location: UHasselt, Campus Diepenbeek, auditorium H1 (reception in Wintertuin).

Attendance: Attendance is free, but kindly confirm your presence by registering.

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Naert Xenopustropicalis Cartilage Mesospim MesoSPIM image of Xenopus Tropicals Cartilage. Courtesy of dr. Thomas Naert.


5:30PM - Welcome by prof. Jelle Hendrix, Hasselt University

Picture of prof. Jelle Hendrix

5:40PM - "The Benchtop mesoSPIM: a next-generation light-sheet microscope for large cleared samples" by dr. Thomas Naert, UGent - VIB

Picture of Thomas Naert

Summary: Gain an insight into the hardware behind lightsheet microscopy and be amazed by the potential. Dr. Thomas Naert will guide us through his journey with the MesoSPIM and illustrate the potential of this setup with beautiful examples.

Short bio: Dr. Thomas Naert pioneers cancer modeling with CRISPR/Cas9 in Xenopus. He is currently exploring tumor microenvironments using light-sheet microscopy at the University of Ghent. Additionally, he is expanding his research to include investigations of the cardiovascular manifestations of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD), exploiting the ability of light-sheet to image the entire cardiovascular system at scale.

6:30PM - "How the Octopus Builds its Nervous System" by prof. Eve Seuntjens, KU Leuven

Summary: Join us on a journey exploring octopus neurogenesis using lightsheet microscopy. Prof. dr. Eve Seuntjens will illustrate how lightsheet microscopy is a great tool to learn more about the development of the nervous system.

Short bio: Prof. Dr. Eve Seuntjens leads groundbreaking research on neurogenesis, including the role of Protocadherins, and the effects of aging on the regenerative neurogenic capacity. Her lab employs octopus and killifish model organisms in combination with lightsheet microscopy.

7:20PM - Reception including Virtual Reality demonstration

Our own lightsheet microscope, the Zeiss LightSheet 7 generates large amounts of data, and is therefore equipped with a cutting-edge analysis platform. To assist users in navigating and annotating in large tomographic recordings, we provide the option to observe data in Virtual Reality. During the reception, you can have first-hand experience in such analysis. So stick around after the talks and test it for yourself!

Picture of minister Jo Brouns experiencing the Virtual Reality demonstration

The Biomedical Research Institute expanded its imaging portfolio with a state-of-the-art Lightsheet Fluorescence Microscope last year! This full-blown platform, funded via the FWO Heavy-Scale Research Infrastructure Fund, is capable of fast tomographic imaging of living model organisms or organoids, but can also image larger cleared samples (up to 2 cm!) in toto with sub-cellular sharpness!

Picture of a Zeiss Lightsheet 7 microscope equiped with two scientific CMOS cameras Equipment

Zeiss Lightsheet 7

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