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Future events

iCALM - 2022

Advanced fluorescence microscopy has become increasingly important in life science research in recent years. Flanders BioImaging now offers researchers a chance to become familiar with the breadth of advanced techniques available in Flemish microscopy core facilities. During this three-day course, participants will be immersed in the theoretical foundations and practical aspects of methods that will allow them to study molecular interactions and dynamics, acquire three-dimensional datasets from large (cm) specimens, and break through the resolution limit in several different ways.

When: 07/10/2022, 18/11/2022 & 08/12/2022
Where: Ghent, Antwerp & Leuven

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Past events

Past events

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Advanced Optical Microscopy Symposium

Inaugural symposium on the occasion of the recent expansion of the UHasselt Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre (AOMC) with state of the art equipment for Large-Field-of-View Widefield Fluorescence Microscopy and Single-Molecule-Sensitive Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

When: 05 & 06/09/2022
Where: Hasselt University, Campus Diepenbeek

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Flanders BioImaging Networking Event

Flanders BioImaging invites you to the inaugural networking event: “Flanders BioImaging: Integrating Imaging Infrastructure from cell to man”, to be held at the University of Gent Auditorium E (blok B), Entrance 36 on the 19th September from 2.30pm.

When: 19/09/2022
Where: University of Gent

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NanoMacro Microscopy Workshop

Learn about the latest techniques to explore biological systems at different length and depth scales, both at the descriptive and quantitative level. This microscopy workshop aims to elucidate the working principles of several optical techniques and to get you a flavor of what is currently possible.

When: 05 - 07/09/2018
Where: Hasselt University, Campus Diepenbeek

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AOMC launch event

New optical imaging instrumentation has recently been acquired by the Biomedical Research Institute (BIOMED), with support of the FWO-Hercules foundation and the province of Limburg. This acquisition consolidates the forefront position of UHasselt in advanced live-cell and dynamic optical microscopy and opens the path to optical super-resolution microscopy.

When: 23/06/2017
Where: Hasselt University, Campus Diepenbeek, EDM building