Pam Pam

PIE analysis with Matlab

Pam is an open source software package we developed together with Prof. Don C. Lamb and co-workers at LMU Munich [Schrimpf et al., 2018]. PAM can read many TCSPC/TTTR data types (custom read-in routines can easily be implemented) and converts them to a unified data structure. Although PAM was originally designed for TCSPC/time resolved data, currently different image formats can be directly read in too.

PAM is fully documented!

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Basic user interface for time-resolved analysis:

Basic user interface for image analysis:

Basic user interface for single-molecule analysis:

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Data handling

The program's data handling structure is as follows:

The PAM software is available as source code, requiring MATLAB to run, or as pre-compiled standalone distributions for Windows or MacOS hosted in Git repositories under and Sample data is provided under

A detailed manual is found under

We advocate for open source software and happily refer to others packages:

  • SOFI analysis in Localizer
  • PALM/STORM analysis in Thunderstorm, RapidSTORM and Localizer
  • SIM analysis in fairSIM

For a detailed and up-to-date overview of different smFRET analysis packages, see the dedicated FRET community webpage and this review!