The Dynamic Bioimaging Lab specializes in deciphering the working of biomolecules and pathways from  fluorescence data. We unravel cell-biological and disease-related mechanisms that cannot be studied via classical methods. We specialize in fluorescence method development and solving pressing life science questions.

Ledgf Cells Ledgf Cells

Research lines

The PhD researchers in the Dynamic Bioimaging Lab are working on specific Research Lines, where they exploit their expertise in time-resolved high-precision microscopy to provide detailed molecular insights no other research methods can match, as a basis for rational drug design or novel screening assays. For this, we collaborate with the UHasselt Neuroscience department or other researchers of the Biomedical Research Institute and Material Science Institute.

Scherm­Afbeelding 2023 03 14 Om 20.05.26 (1)

Biological phase separation and neurodegeneration

Our Lab is interested in understanding the physico-chemical principles that underlie biological phase separation, and with the research tools and expertise in fluorescence method development, we believe we are in a unique position to provide quantitative details about this fundamental biophysical subcellular organization principle.

We work on different membrane less organelle systems, one of which are aggregating proteins involved in neurodegeneration, in collaboration with Prof. Ilse Dewachter (UHasselt, Neurosciences). The process by which the aggregation is initiated is not yet fully understood. We propose that conformational changes are a key factor for a pathological protein depositions. Therefore we study in real-time the conformational changes from monomeric to aggregated proteins. Detailed knowledge on this would enable targeting the aggregating proteins in better ways.

Scherm­Afbeelding 2023 03 14 Om 20.10.56

Molecular insights in DNA repair pathways

DNA ligases catalyze the formation of phosphodiesters on the DNA backbone and are therefore essential enzymes for DNA metabolism, such as during replication and repair. Previous research resolved the conserved modular core structure of DNA ligases and implicated that large conformational changes take place during the catalytic cycle of DNA ligases. However, it is unknown how protein flexibility regulates the enzymatic turn-over rate and their ability to engage a set of substrate structures. In collaboration with Prof. David Wilson (UHasselt, Neurosciences), we test the hypothesis that structural dynamics of DNA ligases governs substrate selectivity and enzyme turn-over rate using single-molecule FRET (smFRET). This project will elucidate the relationship between structural dynamics of human DNA ligases and their enzymatic activity in order to understand their functioning in different cellular contexts. In addition to fundamental insights, the gained knowledge on conformational states of DNA ligases may facilitate the understanding of disease mechanisms and the development of specific inhibitors for targeted cancer therapy.

Scherm­Afbeelding 2023 03 14 Om 20.58.00

Novel targets for multidrug transporters

To tackle antibiotic resistance in bacteria, our Lab wants to understand how multidrug transporters recognize and expel different molecules and antibiotics out of the bacterial cell. We focus on both model proteins and homologues from pathogenic organisms in collaboration with Prof. Cedric Govaerts and Dr. Chloé Martens (Univ. Libre Bruxelles). To allow studying these membrane proteins in vitro under near-native conditions, we work on novel reconstitution methods in pore-spanning membrane devices. These micro-fabricated devices we generate using multi-photon lithography in collaboration with Prof. Ronald Thoelen (UHasselt IMO-IMOMEC).

Scherm­Afbeelding 2023 03 14 Om 20.54.43

Artificial cells via lipid nanotechnology

Membrane proteins are the main target for drug discovery, yet only a marginal fraction of structures have been solved. This is mainly because mimicking a natural membrane context compatible with structural investigations is extremely challenging. We hypothesize that reconstituting membrane proteins in microfluidic devices containing pore-spanning lipid membranes allows investigating their structure in a realtime manner compatible with high-throughput screening. We apply this technology to different model systems, such as the adenosine A2AAR. This GPCR plays important roles in the brain, the immune system and in different human diseases. This project provides a solid basis for future screening assays targeting G-protein coupled receptors.


To fund our core research lines, but also to stimulate collaborations with other research groups at UHasselt and other universities, the Lab can rely on different Research Projects.



In our multidisciplinary FWO research network project PROFOUND (2021-2026) we solidify a platform for future scientific and biomedical discovery of protein dynamics and folding in Flanders and Belgium.



In our FWO Heavy-Scale Infrastructure project MULTISCALE (2022-2026) we introduce light-sheet microscopy at UHasselt and apply it in diverse areas of the life sciences.



In this IOF project we commercialize an innovative microscopy solution.



In our third FWO IRI project FBI-LIAISE (2023-2026) we enter Eurobioimaging as a member node, opening up imaging research infrastructure in Flanders to Europe and the World.



In our interdisciplinary FWO research project NATIVE (2021-2025) we combine single-molecule optical microscopy and lipid nanotechnology to decipher multidrug transport.

PCF Veerle


In this BOF and FWO (Research grant) funded project FLUOPATCH (2017-2020) we combined patch clamp electrophysiology and single-molecule fluorescence to study Glycine receptors.

AOMC Uhasselt Big


With this FWO Medium-Scale Infrastructure project AOMC (2017-2020) we enable BIOMED to enter the world of super-resolution microscopy and found UHasselt's first core facility!

Scherm­Afbeelding 2023 03 14 Om 15.44.49


In our FWO Heavy-Scale Infrastructure project LEICASTED (2016-2022) we introduced STED microscopy at KU Leuven and the Arenberg imaging facility.

Scherm­Afbeelding 2023 03 14 Om 15.46.34


In our BOF project SIGNALCASC (2016-2021) we develop novel single-molecule fluorescence methods to study signaling pathways such as ErbB/EGFR and Glycine receptors.

2018 Seca


In this FWO Research Project PIEFLIM (2015-2018) we develop multicolor time-resolved imaging and apply it to studying bacterial protein translocation and HIV.


* corresponding author, ° shared (first) authorship

An up-to-date publication list is also on PubmedORCIDGoogle Scholar and Scopus. Pre-prints on Biorxiv and Arxiv.


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For carrying out our research, the Dynamic Bioimaging Lab has access to many microscopes...

  • We house both widefield, confocal and light-sheet systems,
  • We image single molecules and cells but also larger systems,
  • We record data from the picoseconds to real time,
  • We go from the Ångstrom to centimeter length scale,
  • We analyse steady state or fluctuating fluorescence signals, and
  • We record label-free and spectrally resolved samples.

The Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre web page lists the different instruments.

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The Dynamic Bioimaging Lab is located in the Biomedical Research Institute that provides the necessary services and facilities for our research.


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