In our Lab, the clocks tick every picosecond, and the rulers have an Ångstrom scaling. We specialize in  quantitative fluorescence methods that allow measuring the dynamics of biological complexes in detail. Recently, we've also specialized in microfabrication and microfluidics, and have successfully set up a protein production and labeling pipeline.

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Diffusion and Binding

Biomolecules hide a wealth of information in the way they move about! We specialize in fluctuation spectroscopy methods for quantifying biomolecular diffusion and binding processes.



Biomolecules hide a wealth of information in the way they move about! We specialize in single-molecule methods for quantifying biomolecular structure and conformational dynamics.

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Time-resolved fluorescence

Fluorophores hide a wealth of information in the way they fluoresce! We specialize in time-resolved methods for quantifying fluorescence lifetimes and anisotropy.


Microfabrication & microfluidics

We generate our own microfluidics and microstructures using electron and optical lithography and microfluidics pumps.

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Protein Production

We have a fully operational bacterial protein production pipeline including FPLC-based purification. We label single-molecule quality pure protein batches using fluorophores.

Our up-to-date publication list exemplifies the expertise of the Lab and can be found PubmedORCIDGoogle Scholar, ScopusBiorxiv and Arxiv.


At the Dynamic Bioimaging Lab, there's microscopes for everyone and everything...

  • We house both widefield, confocal and light-sheet systems,
  • We image single molecules, cells, organoids, organisms and small-animal organs,
  • We record data from the picoseconds to real time,
  • We go from the Angstrom to centimeter length scale,
  • We analyse steady state or fluctuating fluorescence signals, and
  • We record label-free and spectrally resolved samples.

The Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre web page lists the different instruments.



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