The Multi-2-Mono project aims to explore the possibilities of recyclable mono-layered and monomaterial foils, as a replacement for relevant difficult-to-recycle multilayered materials. The focus will be on market relevant material combinations including PET, PE, PA, EVOH, aluminium, paper,… depending on the industrial needs.

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Potential transition from multi-layered to mono-layered materials

The recently approved project Multi2Recycle starts in 2022, a project that stems from the Roadmap 'Food packaging of the future'. Pack4Food coordinates Multi2Recycle that is executed in cooperation with Flanders' FOOD, Catalisti, MPR&S and VKC-Centexbel. During Multi2Recycle, it will be investigated which composition of a multilayer polyolefin food packaging film can be recycled (i.e. from film to film) to a high standard and at the same time has sufficient barrier properties so that the shelf life of the food is not compromised.

Does this sound interesting? It is! Multi2Recycle is an added value for the whole food packaging chain:

  • Packaging company? Gain knowledge about the optimisation of polyolefin packaging films for high-quality recycling while maintaining the necessary functionalities for food packaging.
  • Food company? Find out which high-grade recyclable packaging films are suitable for your food product.
  • Find out about the functionalities and applications of new material streams after recycling (i.e. polyolefin recyclate).
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the recycling and sorting sector thanks to our sounding board group consisting of important players from the sector.

Interested? Then be sure to participate in Multi2Recycle's steering user group! When you participate, you will be on the front line for the research results and you will have the opportunity to steer the project execution.


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