Imaging interactions with fluorescence: from the nano-to-macro scale

Learn about the latest techniques to explore biological systems at different length and depth scales, both at the descriptive and quantitative level. This microscopy workshop aims to elucidate the working principles of several optical techniques and to get you a flavor of what is currently possible.

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What you will learn?

  • an intro to microscopy, including aberrations and artifacts in multicolor microscopy.
  • an intro to methods that quantify molecular interactions, from simple co-localization analysis to the state of the art in super-resolution or whole-organism imaging.
  • applications of the different methods to research questions from the life sciences

What will you practice?

  • Different hands-on sessions on fluctuation spectroscopy (FCS, RICS, ICS), light sheet microscopy, super-resolution (PALM/STORM/SOFI/SIM), fluorescence lifetime & anisotropy imaging
  • Advanced data analysis with different user-friendly packages for FLIM, FCS/RICS, SOFI, SIM analysis

Additional info:

This workshop is organized back-to-back with the ‘Specialist Course on Light and Fluorescence Microscopy’, organized by Ghent University from the 3rd till the 5th (noon) of September (2018) in Ghent, and which covers all the basics of fluorescence microscopy in detail.


  • Prof. Marcel Ameloot (Hasselt University)
  • Prof. Winnok De Vos (University of Antwerpen)
  • Dr. Sam Duwé (KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Emilio Gualda (ICFO Spain & IGC Portugal)
  • Prof. Jelle Hendrix (Hasselt University)
  • Marco Meijering (Leica Microsystems GmbH)
  • Dr. Viola Mönkemöller (KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Marcel Müller (KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Susana Rocha (KU Leuven)
  • Eli Slenders (Hasselt University)
  • Dr. Nick Smisdom (Hasselt University)
  • Dr. Cicerone Tudor (Zeiss Microscopy GmbH)
  • Prof. Pieter Vanden Berghe (KU Leuven)

More information about the speakers is available in the abstract book.

Practical information


September 5 to 7, 2018


Universiteit Hasselt, Campus Diepenbeek


Anyone that is triggered and excited by what is currently possible by optical techniques.


Registration for this event has closed.



Wednesday September 5

Thursday September 6

Friday September 7


09:00 am - NANO lectures 109:00 am - MACRO lectures 1
11:00 am - coffee break10:45 am - coffee break
11:15 am - NANO lectures 2

11:00 am - MACRO lectures 2


1:00 pm - registration

12:45 pm - lunch

12:15 pm - group picture + lunch


2:00 pm - welcome01:30 pm - MICRO exercise 101:30 pm - microscopy demos
2:15 pm - MICRO lectures 102:30 pm - NANO exercise 1
3:30 pm - coffee break03:30 pm - microscopy demos03:30 pm - MICRO exercise 2
4:00 pm - MICRO lectures 2

04:30 pm - NANO exercise 2


5:30 pm - opening mixer

07:00 pm - conference dinner in Hasselt

05:30 pm - closing words 

Lectures - Building D, auditorium H4
Lunch/Coffee breaks/receptions - Building D, Agora (front side at the windows)
Hands-on sessions - Building C (BIOMED), Basement
Pc-analyses - Units AB LL 3 & LL 4

A detailed program is available here.


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