Webinar Alert "Innovation for Sustainability Transition"

Webinar Alert "Innovation for Sustainability Transition"

Join us on 23rd November for a scientific webinar, where our ESRs shine on the interdisciplinary stage. Co-hosted with the Jean Monnet Modules at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, we delve into the transformative power of public procurement in fostering sustainable economies. This event bridges the gap between law and management, offering vital insights into the circular economy and sustainable supply chains.

🎙️ Moderated by Prof. Biancamaria Raganelli and led by our principal researcher, Andrea Appolloni, with insightful contributions from Aura Iurascu and Valentina Bianchini. We'll explore how public procurement acts as a catalyst for sustainable transitions.

🔍 Presentation Highlights:

Auraiurascu 2 (1)

Aura Iurascu: Unveiling the role of EU public procurement law in promoting a circular economy, with a focus on its implementation, impact measurement, and integration into public tenders.

Valentinabianchini (1)

Valentina Bianchini: Investigating the influence of public procurement on global supply chain sustainability, highlighting the interplay between procurement policies and sustainable supply chain management.

🎓 This webinar is ideal for students and newcomers to procurement, circular economy, and supply chains, offering a comprehensive view from both legal and managerial perspectives.

🔍 Discover the intersections of legislative and management strategies in public procurement.

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Can't make it? No worries—recordings will be available post-event on the Sapiens Network website.