Good academic research is the foundation for good academic education and is an important link in the innovation chain.

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Our research institutes

Biomedical Research Institute (BIOMED)

BIOMED conducts multidisciplinary research in three main disease areas: immunology, neuroscience and cardiovascular disease and aims to translate scientific discoveries into applications that contribute to a healthy society in line with the civic ambition of Hasselt University.

Center for Environmental Sciences (CMK)

CMK research addresses environmental challenges of high societal urgency that cut across the boundaries of specific disciplines, such as, for example, air and soil pollution and the associated health effects, biodiversity loss, and global climate change.

Data Science Institute (DSI)

DSI unites data scientists from various disciplines to innovate concepts, methods and software tools for data contextualization, extraction, integration, analysis, modelling, interpretation and data sharing. DSI's methods and tools are applied to important societal challenges in full collaboration with partners in the life science, environmental, logistics, BI, .. sectors and with an open science mindset.

Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec)

Imo-imomec brings together chemists, physicists and engineers to conduct multidisciplinary materials research. This with a focus on advanced material systems for a sustainable and healthy society. Our core domains: energy conversion, energy storage, sustainable materials, sensors & healthcare materials, and quantum technologies.

Our research centra

Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM)

The research of the Expertise centre for Digital Media focuses on several core competences: Visual Computing, Networked & Secure Systems, Intelligible Interactive Systems, Computational Science, Computational Design & Fabrication and Data Intelligence & Computation. EDM is active in the full range of the research continuum: from fundamental to basic and applied research as well as contract R&D

Limburg Clinical Research Center (LCRC)

The Limburg Clinical Research Centre (LCRC) is a unique collaboration between Hasselt University, Jessa Hospital and the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg (ZOL). We want to improve our healthcare, by combining both academic research and clinical practice. As an internationally oriented academic-medical knowledge center in Limburg, LCRC aims to form an important stimulus for top medical care, academic education and healthcare innovation in Limburg and Flanders.

Transport Research Institute (IMOB)

At IMOB we shape future mobility by providing scientifically sound solutions to major challenges faced by society and industry.