Faculty of Business Economics

The programs at the Faculty of Business Economics - Commercial Sciences, Applied Economic Sciences, Commercial Engineer (in policy informatics) and the international English-language master's program, Master of Management - prepare you for managerial positions in a constantly changing economic reality.

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Our unique educational model

  • We aim to create a powerful and activating teaching-learning environment with a range of interactive forms of work.
  • To give you maximum support in the first year, we provide quick feedback. After each education period there is an exam period. In this way you will quickly gain insight into whether the course suits you and whether you are using the study method.
  • For subject-related support and guidance, you can always contact teachers and assistants with all your questions. The threshold is very low. In addition to professional support, there are also counseling options for your study method, choice and career.
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Good academic research is the foundation for quality academic education and is an important link in the innovation chain. The research of the faculty focuses on a number of spearhead areas. Several of these spearhead themes are closely linked to socio-economic challenges and opportunities in the region: entrepreneurship and the management of family businesses, environmental economics, logistics and diversity in organizations are some examples.

Research departments

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The Faculty of Business Economics has short lines of communication with governments, organizations, companies and sectors. More than ever, we are listening to the needs and wishes of those sectors in order to fine-tune the content of our education. We seek new synergies by seeking connection with the region and society.

The faculty can proudly build on its deep relationships with leading figures in business and society in the region, many of whom are alumni. These relationships create a gateway to implement the school's mission in education, research and society. The school reaches out to an ever-expanding ecosystem of organizations and people, particularly in the context of the school's cutting-edge research areas.

About the faculty

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Mission and vision


We educate young people so that they can grow into professional decision makers, ever stronger in their pursuit of more sustainable (business) economic value. We nurture science, contributing to sustainable economic value in the faculty ecosystem.

The foundations of this mission are academic research grounded in international standards, and an organizational culture that actively motivates students and colleagues to reach out to the community in which we live and bring it sustainable value. In this way, the Faculty seeks to be pivotal in its growing community.


We are transforming business and economic thinking in the Faculty's ecosystem and we are expanding this ecosystem. In this way, we are structurally contributing to more sustainable economic value.

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