Zeiss LSM900 Airyscan 2

Use this highly versatile state-of-the-art confocal microscope to solve all your multi-dimensional research questions. Equipped with sensitive GaAsP PMT detectors, flexible variable beam splitter dichroics and the latest Airyscan 2 detection system for super-resolved fluorescence microscopy, the LSM900 provides a convenient solution for most of your imaging needs. Additionally, the AI Sample Finder and advanced Navigation and Tiles module make it very easy to find regions of interest and set up your imaging experiments.

Lsm 900 Confocal Microscope Lsm 900 Confocal Microscope

Use and training

To access this microscope, contact the facility to schedule a hands-on training session. Trained users have 24/7 access to the microscope and are free to schedule experiments using the online booking system. Training can only be given by facility staff.


Thank you for acknowledging our imaging facility. You can use the statement below in all your publications that include data acquired on the Zeiss LSM900:

We acknowledge the Advanced Optical Microscopy Centre at Hasselt University for support with the microscopy experiments. Microscopy was made possible by the Research Foundation Flanders (Large Research Infrastructure Grant I001222N).



  • Colibri 5 (RGB-UV) Fluorescence LED
  • CW 405nm diode laser (5mW)
  • CW 488nm diode laser (10mW)
  • CW 561nm diode laser (10mW)
  • CW 640nm diode laser (5mW)

Filter sets

The microscope and scanhead are equipped with dedicated filters and variable beam splitter dichroics for optimal detection by the three detector units.


The microscope is equipped with the following detectors:

  • 2x GaAsP PMT detectors.
  • Airyscan 2 (type 63x) 32 channel GaAsP array for super-resolution imaging.

Objective lenses

The microscope is equipped with a variety of low- and high-magnification and NA objectives:

Objectives listed in bold are permanently available. Other listed objective lenses can be provided on demand.

One position is permanently occupied by the AI Sample Finder deflecting mirror.

Objective lens

Free working distance

Max resolution *



EC Plan Neofluar 5x/0.16 M27

18.5 mm

2.00 x 41.02 µm

None (air)

Zeiss information page

Plan-ApoChromat 20x/0.80 M27

0.55 mm

0.40 x 1.64 µm

None (air)

Zeiss information page

Plan-ApoChromat 63x/1.40 Oil DIC M27

0.19 mm

0.23 x 0.54 µm


Zeiss information page

EC Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.30 M27

5.2 mm

1.07 x 11.67 µm

None (air)

Zeiss information page

EC Plan Neofluar 20x/0.50 M27

2.0 mm

0.64 x 4.20 µm

None (air)

Zeiss information page

Plan-ApoChromat 40x/0.95 Korr M27

0.25 mm

0.34 x 1.16 µm

None (air)

Zeiss information page

LD C-ApoChromat 40x/1.10 W Korr UV-VIS-IR M27

0.62 mm

0.29 x 0.87 µm


Zeiss information page

C-ApoChromat 63x/1.20 W Korr M27

0.28 mm

0.27 x 0.73 µm


Zeiss information page

* Theoretically obtainable lateral (xy) by axial (z) resolution according to the Rayleigh resolution criterium at an emission wavelength of 525 nm.
Lateral resolution (xy) = 0.61 * wavelength / numerical aperture
Axial resolution (z) = 2 * wavelength / (numerical aperture)²


Dynamics Profiler

The LSM900 is equipped with the Dynamics Profiler module to study molecular dynamics in your (living) samples. Learn more at the Zeiss Dynamics Profiler webpage.

Spectral RICS

How do proteins behave in their cellular microenvironment? Use Spectral RICS on our LSM900 to investigate protein intereactions and mobility where it matters. Learn more at the Zeiss Spectral RICS webpage.


  • AI Sample Finder in combination with the advanced Navigation and Tiles feature.
  • Internal auto-focus system with 640nm laserline.
  • Multiplex Airyscan 2 for 4x parallelisation up to 16 fps.


The LSM900 is a powerful and versatile confocal microscope capable of fulfilling all your confocal imaging needs including:

  • 3D acquisitions using Z-stacks.
  • Simultaneous and sequential multi-color acquisitions.
  • Tilescanning for increased FOV.
  • Fast timeseries tracking real-time events.
  • super-resolution airyscan imaging (e.g. precise localization of analytes in stained samples).
  • ...


Sam Duwé - AOMC

Agoralaan, Building C, 3590 Diepenbeek
Microscopy expert