Prof. dr. Ann PETERMANS

Prof. dr. Ann PETERMANS

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Ann Petermans is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts, Hasselt University, Belgium. She co-chairs the Design Research Society’s Special Interest Group on Design for Wellbeing, Happiness and Health. Her research interests include designing for experience in designed environments and for diverse user groups, and research related to design for subjective wellbeing and how architecture and interior architecture can contribute in this respect. Ann is editorial board member of The Design Journal and publishes in various high-quality journals and books. She is also co-editor of the books Design for Wellbeing: an applied approach (2020) and Retail Design: theoretical perspectives (2017), both published by Routledge.


Disciplinecodes: Architectuurpraktijk (06040202), Geschiedenis en theorie van het architecturaal design (06040304), Geschiedenis en theorie van de interieurarchitectuur (06040311), Design onderzoek (06040104), Interieurarchitectuurpraktijk (06040803)

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